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Through newsletters, seminars,
networking opportunities, special reports, surveys and reference manuals, NARSC conveys the latest details on:

  • Placing technologies and techniques: composites, corrosion protection, tying equipment, continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) and more.

  • Industry news: regulations on the horizon, changing features of the marketplace, updates on avoiding fines, construction trends.

  • Member projects: jobs in progress or recently completed; lessons learned from the past, insights for the future.


We work with groups across North America to ensure our members’ interests are brought to the table:

  • Government: We watch for prospective legislation that will affect the industry, testify at hearings and inform lawmakers.

  • Industry: NARSC partners with the Iron Workers International and its local unions to ensure sound employee practices and an atmosphere of collaboration.

  • Regulators: We negotiate with the
    insurance industry and regulatory
    organizations to ensure fair rates and
    appropriate standards.

NARSC provides support for our industry’s future



Reinforcing steel contractors face multiple issues: winning bids, assuring worker safety, complying with regulations, applying best practices… some concerns are industry-specific. Other issues face business owners everywhere: raising profits, lowering costs, finding new opportunities, assessing new technologies, and keeping ahead of the industry. NARSC addresses every issue that is important to you.

NARSC members and leaders share experience, legal expertise, networking, marketing strategies, industry knowledge and common sense. We’re business owners who remember what it’s like to be out in the field… pragmatists even when presiding at the boardroom table. We take action and get results.